RaceDay Scoring Beta v0.3.3 Release Notes

We’re happy to release a new version of the RaceDay Scoring Beta!

This unrestricted beta product is free to use, and can be downloaded from the RunSignUp Timer Dashboard using the Integrations sidebar menu item. 

You can enter in your Race Director serial number if you have one, but you are not required to while in beta, and can instead use the demo mode button and will have full access to use the software.

Below you’ll find highlights of some new features in addition to the multitude of stability enhancements and bug fixes that are included.

  • Default Report Generation
    • Reports will now be set up for you automatically!
    • When you create or edit Scored Events a new default Report will be set up for each Scored Event you have.
    • When you add or update Age Groups new default Age Group type Reports will be added for each Scored Event you have Age Groups set up for.
    • When you import a Race from Race Director Overall and Age Group Default Reports are set up for you.
  • You can now start collecting reads by clicking the Status Indicator in the top toolbar
  • Added support for MyLaps ReadLite File Import
  • Added support for Chip Cross reference generation
    • Useful for IPICO and TRIDENT timers
    • Both in Hex and Decimal formats
  • Added support for Chronotrack Point Name being included in Chronotrack File Type Imports
  • Enhanced bib/chip cross reference import
    • Added warning when uploading potential duplicate chip cross references
    • Allow clearing of previously loaded chip cross references and replacing them with new ones.
  • Cleaned up Participant Sync Settings Page
    • Now more clear what data is imported, and how to import additional data from online sources.
  • Updated UI in Auto-Save setup and Race Creation forms
  • Common Start/Finish Timing Locations will now default Segment setup to accept 2nd occurrence as finish instead of 1st.
  • Pre-start reads are now ignored by default
  • Improved user experience for unexpected errors with automatic submission to RunSignUp development.

We also have released our new portal for getting help with using RaceDay Scoring.

You can find our ever-expanding list of guides to learn how to use RaceDay Scoring here:


Or use the Help link on the blog

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