RaceDay Timer Certification Tour

New Certification Program for All Timers

RunSignUp announces its new RaceDay Timer Certification program with a four-city U.S. tour in January, 2019. RunSignUp offers a full suite of race day products for timers, encompassing everything from scoring to live results and race day check-in to live participant tracking to help timers deliver a quality race day experience. The new certification program is designed to help timers grow and improve their business by providing them with in-depth knowledge of advanced race day technology. RaceDay certified timers will receive exclusive revenue opportunities, discounted pricing, and free race day tools. This certification program is available for all timers regardless of their chosen registration provider.

RunSignUp offers innovative yet affordable race day technology solutions that help timers to differentiate their services in a competitive marketplace. Timers completing the certification will be trained to deliver services previously only found at the largest race events. In addition to all of the essential product offerings needed for race day, the certification tour will cover a partner program component that includes special pricing and revenue opportunities, and inside knowledge on ways in which the race day products can help grow their business.

“Races look to their timers to be the expert on technology and most timers are hard pressed to keep up with the continually changing landscape of technology. This is what we do at RunSignUp: we are a technology company that is entirely focused on innovating the race day experience through affordable tools. For us, timers are the way we deliver these advancements to the marketplace and in return we give them a competitive edge and help grow their revenue. I’m very excited about this certification tour and know the timers are really going to appreciate the program we’ve put into place,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignUp.

A significant draw of the timer certification tour includes the rollout of RunSignUp’s new RaceDay Scoring solution, which is the evolution of The Race Director – one of the most established scoring solutions on the market. The Race Director Founder Roger Bradshaw will be a key resource at the certification tour, helping timers get up to speed on the new technology and covering changes to the existing The Race Director software.

The certification program will also cover the various race day tracking solutions available, including bib tag alerts and RaceJoy’s GPS tracking. The RaceJoy team will provide in-depth training on getting the most out of RaceJoy with an emphasis on map building and leveraging Google Maps for course route certification. In addition, timers will gain hands-on training for RunSignUp’s newly upgraded Check-In solution, RaceDay Results, RaceDay Photos, Bib Assignments, and Corral Management.

Each of the product offerings follows RunSignUp’s philosophy of an open architecture where any timer or race can use the products regardless of their chosen registration company and other technologies being used, such as timing equipment. This gives timers with the flexibility to easily change their business as needed and still use their familiar race day tools.

RunSignUp’s certification tour locations and dates are:

Registration is now open and can be accessed by clicking on the locations above.

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