RaceDay Scoring Beta 0.3.2 Release Notes

RaceDay Scoring Beta v0.3.2 is now available! There are many new features added to this release, including online results via RunSignUp Results, the ability to generate test read data for Timing Locations, Quick Data Entry Mode, better searching across multiple areas of the app, and much more.

You can download the RaceDay Scoring Beta by following the instructions here

We’ve also addressed multiple bugs and have improved the stability of the app since the last release.

Below you can find a list of features that have been added.

  • RunSignUp Results Publishing for Reports
    • Found under Actions > Auto-Save
  • Added Report Auto-Saving Feature. This allows you to make one of your reports automatically generate an output on a set interval. We support writing to CSV, HTML, Text, PDF, and the RunSignUp Results API at any interval, and play/pause them individually on the Race Dashboard
  • Added Age Group Place column for Reports
  • Added Gender Place columns for Reports
  • Added ability to delete races from the Manage Races page
  • Added ability to configure column set templates
    • For instance, you may have a few default column sets that you use for all of your reports. Now when creating a report you don’t have to edit which columns are included and order every time, just load a template.
  • Added “Starts With” and “Contains” operators to the Report Section Filter, allowing more customization to reporting on filtered sets of data.
  • Improved speed of raw read processing when deleting and re-importing times
  • Changed default report column alignment for PDFs
  • Many UI changes throughout the app
    • Added icons to the left hand toolbar with labels that show when hovering on them
    • Improved Status Indicators with labels to make them more clear
    • Scored Reads at Timing Location update
      • Added search to Scored Reads view
    • Improved search in Raw Reads
      • Added filters for Ignored Reason and Used
    • Timing Location UI Update
    • Added more Stream File Types for standard chip system output formats
  • When importing Races the race you were importing now opens automatically
  • Added Quick Mode for fast data entry
    • Added settings area to View Participants to configure default fields and fields to skip in Quick Mode
  • Added auto city/state lookup from Zip Code entry
  • When adding participants, the first field will be automatically selected for faster data entry.
  • Added Event Selection sidebar to View Participants
  • Added Search to Panel Lists
    • Streams
    • Reports
  • Added the ability to replay simulated read times in the Timing Location Settings in two ways
    • From existing data
    • From randomly generated data
  • Many bug fixes and improvements to stability throughout.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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