RaceDay Scoring Beta 0.2.3 Released!

We recently published a new beta release for RaceDay Scoring which addresses various bugs, as well as adds some new functionality to Age Groups and Reports, and introduces some new UI elements to clean up the interface.

See here for details on how to download

Below are some highlights of recent changes.


  • UI redesign for Reports list

  • Added default filters to all new Report Sections to filter out non-finishers and participants without bib numbers assigned:

  • Added “Number of Places to Show” to Overall Section type, allowing you to limit an Overall Section to a certain number of finishers. For instance – a Report Section for top 5 in the 5k who are from Moorestown would look like this:

  • Added the ability to edit Report Section Titles:

  • Added ability to Export a Report to PDF to easily print out results

Example output:

Age Groups

    • UI redesign with new toolbar component and Event Selection sidebar.
    • Changed defaults so that the first Event in the Race is automatically selected when opening up the Age Groups tab.

    • Gaps in Age Groups are now indicated:

    • You are now able to set the number of winners when creating ranges of Age Groups:

    • Added function to clear Age Groups

    • Added “Copy to Event” and “Copy From Gender” functions:

    • Added Insert button so you can insert a new Age Group beneath an existing Age Group. The new row inserted will be highlighted indicating that it is a newly inserted row:

    • Added notes to setup screen when an Event doesn’t have any Age Groups defined


Updated UI:


Updated UI:

Chip Cross Reference

  • Added ability to clear all Bib/Chip Cross References:


  • Race Name in header now links to Race Dashboard on RunSignUp if connected to a RunSignUp Race.

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