How to Setup Race Segments

RaceDay Scoring always generates times and placements for each Event over the whole distance of the Race based on your settings in your Event Setup. If you would like to also report split times, or any smaller portion of the entire race as either a separate results list, or within the overall results, you’ll need to add a Segment for that portion of the Race.

To get started, click the “Segments” tab on the left.

Next select which Event you want to create an additional Segment for from the “Select an Event” dropdown.

You’ll notice that each Event has an “Entire Race” Segment already set up.

You can adjust these settings if you need to – specifically the “Pace Type” and “Endpoint Occurrence to Use” if they apply to you.

If you want to add an additional Segment, use the “Add a Segment” button. You’ll need to fill out these settings:

  • Basic Info
    • Name
    • Segment Distance – The distance of just the segment itself. For instance, a one mile segment would have a Segment Distance of 1 Mile.
    • Cumulative Distance – The distance of the entire Race up until the end point of this Segment. For instance if there is a one mile hill climb that starts at Mile 2 of a 5 Mile run, the Cumulative Distance for this Segment would be 3 Miles.
    • Pace Type – What unit you would like your Pace to display for this Segment
  • Start Point Info
    • Starting Point – Which Timing Location does this Segment begin at?
    • Starting Point Occurrence to Use – Which Occurrence on this Timing Location should be considered as the start of this Segment?
  • Endpoint Info
    • Endpoint – Which Timing Location does this Segment end at?
    • Endpoint Occurrence to Use – Which Occurrence on this Timing Location should be considered as the end of this Segment?

Once you have Segments defined, you will be able to select additional Fields in Reports like the Segment Times, Places, and Pace.


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