How to Set Up Scored Events

Scored Events are categories of Athletes that you would like scored separately. If you are using an online integration, RaceDay scoring allows you to funnel multiple registration categories into a single “Scored Event”.

To get started, click the “Scored Events” menu item, then “Add Scored Event”

In this case we’d want to set up a single “10k” Scored Event, which includes registrations from the “10k” and “5k & 10k” registration categories, so we should check those boxes under the “Included Events” section.

Additionally for each Scored Event we need to define which Start and Finish Timing Locations we are using for this Scored Event.

Most importantly, this is where we set the start time for each Scored Event. Before the Race has started you can set an “Approximate Start Time”, then when you have the final official gun start, you can enter it into the “Actual Start Time” fields. The Approximate Start Time is not used for any calculations.

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