How to Enable Participant Sync and Import Additional Fields

When your system has an internet connection, RaceDay Scoring is able to automatically import participant data from online sources. By default a set of standard fields are included. If your online source has additional fields that you’d like to import, you can set aside a field in RaceDay Scoring for this additional data.

You can begin this syncing process by going to the “Participant Sync” menu item.

If you just want the standard fields you can simply click the “Start Syncing” button at the bottom of the page in order to tell RaceDay Scoring to import all participant data from your online source. From this point on any changes made on your registration source will be pulled into RaceDay Scoring, and any changes made in RaceDay Scoring will be pushed to your registration source.

If you would like to import any additional fields you just need to type in a name name into the “RaceDay Scoring Field Name” field.

Once you type in a Field Name and click the Start Syncing button, this field will be available to you to use for identification and result calculation purposes. For instance you could import a field for “Clydesdale or Athena” which has two options –  “C” and “A” which you could then use in the Filters section of the Report builder to create a Report that has sections for the top Clydesdales and Athenas.

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