How to install RaceDay Scoring

  1. Available today from the RunSignUp Timer Dashboard
    1. Navigate to
    2. Click green “Go To Dashboard” button, or set up a new Timer Account
    3. From the left-hand sidebar navigate to “Integrations” > “RaceDay Scoring”
    4. Check the box to agree to the testing agreement.
    5. Click the download button for your OS.
      1. *Note* the connector process currently only works on Windows so you will not be able to import reads into the Mac version.
    6. The .exe will unzip a folder to a location on your computer.
    7. Within the folder you will find RaceDay Scoring.exe which you can pin to your taskbar.
    8. You will be asked to enter a serial number – if you are a Race Director user you can use that serial number found in Help > About Race Director
    9. If you are not a current Race Director user just use the Demo Mode button
      1. Demo mode is not currently restricted in the beta

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