Alpha 0.1.2 Release Notes

Fix scored event date inputs. Date inputs were not reverting to today’s date when entering in a time.

Add default start/finish timing devices and locations.  Now when setting up a Race for the first time a Start Device is created and assigned to a Timing Location, and a Finish Device is created and assigned to a Timing Location.

Set default start and end of segments if only one. By default your Start Timing Location and Finish Timing Location will now be assigned to the Starting Point and Ending Point of your single “Entire Race” Segment.

Require unique hardware name. We now require that the Hardware Name be unique when setting up a TCP/IP stream Device Type. Most middleware requires a unique name for these anyways.

Quicker age group setup. We now have a Create Ranges function to create Age Groups en masse.

Lock scored reads. We have added the functionality to allow locking of scored reads when editing via Timing Location > Scored Reads > Edit. This is useful when adjusting an existing read so that it is not overwritten by previous chip data.

Update event actual start time via marker. We now can ingest marker reads from chip data and associate it with Start Times for Events via the Marker Reads button in Timing Locations.

Support DateOverride on IPICO File and CT Devices. We now support “Change All Read Dates To” for IPICO File Devices and Chronotrack Devices in Timing Devices > Advanced Device Settings.

Support SimpleClient CT Streaming. SimpleClient is now supported for Chronotrack.

Support milliseconds detection and processing for NONE to 3 digits. We now support milliseconds in chip read data.

Allow RunSignUp question mapping to RaceDay Scoring Custom Fields. We now support the creation of custom data fields in RaceDay Scoring which you can map to RunSignUp questions. Found under Sync Settings. Type something into the RDGO Field in order to reference this in reports.

Add Trident and IPICO support. We now support both Trident and IPICO File and Direct Connections as Device Types.

Restructured API Synching Code. Made syncing of participant data cleaner and more reliable.

Event transfer API. We now support sending Participant Event switching data back up RunSignUp.

Sync question responses back to API. We now support sending Participant Question Response updates back to RunSignUp.

Add participants. We now support adding individual participants from the bottom of the table in Participants.

Add Tooltips. We have implemented tooltips to describe features throughout the app.

Keyboard shortcuts to enter scored read times.  We now have a quick way to enter in manual reads to the Scored Reads table found under Timing Locations > Scored Reads. You can use the space bar in the bib field to set the current time and jump to the next row. You can also use Alt+2 through Alt+9 to set the current time for the next 2 – 9 rows.

The start of computed field setup. We now have a way to design your own computed fields. We will follow up with a blog post on how to get started using Computed Fields to add endless almost limitless customization of results to your race. As soon as you have set up Scored Events a few Custom Fields are automatically generated to allow you to use Chip Times and Clock Times in your reports. Found under Computer Fields menu item.

Added distribution of Alpha releases to the RunSignUp Timer Dashboard. 

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