RaceDay Results: How To

RunSignup offers an open and flexible approach for timers to deliver live results. Check out this video where Matt Avery, RunSignup's RaceDay Product Manager, provides an overview on how you can take advantage of RaceDay Results. This is one of the educational presentations provided during the RaceDay Timer Certification tour. Timers posting results through RunSignup's …

RaceDay Scoring v1.1.8 now live!

You can download the update now in the app using the Update Info button: Head over to the Release Notes to learn more about the update, and Join us for a live Webinar update on the latest improvements of RaceDay Scoring on February 28 at 2pm ET (11am PT).

RaceDay Certified Timers Embrace New Technology

It’s the first week after RunSignup’s RaceDay Certification tour and timers that went through the training are energetically embracing RaceJoy and RaceDay Scoring. Already, certified timers have enabled RaceJoy for more than 80 new races across the country. Some timers are choosing to try RaceJoy out at a smaller 5K event so they can get …

240 Timers Are RaceDay Certified!

RunSignup’s RaceDay Timer Certification tour held its final session in Orlando this week and  attracted the highest attendance of the four-city locations with 100 timers being certified. An impressive 240 timers are now certified on RunSignup’s RaceDay Technology Suite and have received in-depth training on race day technology with an emphasis on RaceDay Scoring and …

Chip and GPS Tracking Options

This presentation is from the January, 2019 Timer Certification Training. It covers the benefits and options of both Chip tracking and notifications as well as GPS tracking with RaceJoy. Our strategic goal is to give timers and their races the ability to use both or either when it makes sense for the race.